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Katja’s Gardens

During the year of 2020 we devouted our time to our love, proudicing vegetables and fruits on our garden, named after Katja, my daughter. The garden began with few strawberrie plants and later grew more and more. Quickly we searched for new tastes for our kitchen, and we made a herbal garden. There should allways be smell of beautiful lavender. And kitchen does not work without fresh vegetables.

Our products that earned Bled Local Selection certificate

Take a look into our product that are of high quality made with all of our hearts.
Taste Peper

Sunny Bell Pepper

Paprika spread made from naturally grown and nutured fruit.

70% red and yellowpaprika,
8% onion, 5% vinegar,
4% sunflower oil, 11% mustard,
0,5% salt, 0,5% sugar, 1% peper.

When you are not in Company

Dried garlic grown in a friendly manner.

100% nature friendly,
open air dried,
hand chopped garlic.

Sweet Swimming Strawberies

Strawberry jam from naturally grown and hand-picked fruits.

strawberries 60%,
icing sugar 35%,
lemon juice 5%

Tea for the friends of Bled

Tea For friends of Bled relaxes you and takes you into a pleasant conversaton with your best friends.

Hand grown, picked, dried herbs:
black buckwheat flower,
lemon balm, monarda, pot marigold,
hyssop, pennyroyal, rosemary and stevia.

Herb salt for the best Fish Dishes

Herb salt for the best fish dishes strengthens the aroma and sharpens the taste.

Hand-grown, picked,
dried herbs in Piran salt:
75% Piran salt, 6% oregano,
6% basil, 6% rosemary,
4% sage, 3% lavender

Slightly spicy herbal salt for the best cusine

Slightly spicy herbal salt for the best cuisine will perfectly emphasize the desired taste.

Hand-grown, picked, dried herbs in Piran salt:
80% Piran salt, 7% oregano,
7% basil, 3% rosemary,
3% cayenne pepper